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black felt cowboy hat on a wooden fencepost
black felt cowboy hat on a wooden fencepost
For calf roping in the hot sun, a cowboy hat is a must.  Just staying on the horse's back requires enough concentration without having to think about an ill-fitting hat that won't protect the rider and then falls off.  Most cowhands like a hat that fits snug enough to stay on during a reckless chase after a steer.  They need a hat that has a brim wide enough to keep the sun out of their eyes and the rain and dust at bay.
Whether you're forming the perfect lasso or stepping to the beat at a country dance, a good-quality felt or straw cowboy hat will serve you well.  Keep an extra hat on hand should your favorite one land in the mud in the center of the corral!

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felt cowboy hat on a wooden fencepost
Felt Hat on a Fencepost
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