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dirty felt cowboy hat

A good cowboy hat is an investment, so make sure you care for it properly.  Whether you are wearing your hat out on the range or out on the town, it is sure to collect dirt, dust, and grime.  A little regular care goes a long way in keeping your hat in tip-top shape.

First of all, be sure to dust your hat regularly, using a soft-bristled brush.  There are hatter's brushes made for this very purpose.  Be sure the bristles are not too rough, or they will tear the fine surface of the felt.

dusty black cowboy hat

A damp bath towel will also remove dust.  A normal terry-cloth towel has enough of a nap to remove dust but will not damage the hat.  Rub the surface of the hat in a circular, counterclockwise motion.

Some stains will be too deep to remove with a brush or towel.  Instead, try using a makeup sponge or a small piece of foam rubber instead.  A rubber sponge or art-gum eraser will also do the trick.

If sponging doesn't remove all marks, the next step is sanding.  For this process, you'll want to use the sandpaper with the finest grit.  Move the sandpaper, very gently, in a counterclockwise direction.  Never press into the material, and never press the hat outward against the sandpaper.

fuller's earth If you have something oil-based on your hat, like suntan lotion or hoof oil, you can try a product called Fuller's Earth.  Available at some drug stores and chemists, this might work if the stain isn't set too deep.  Sprinkle the Fuller's Earth around the spot and don't worry, the product won't stain your hat.  Allow the Fuller's Earth to sit for a few hours, and then brush your hat.  To remove any residual stains, try using a rubber sponge or eraser.

When all else fails, a hat restorer can make your cowboy hat look as good as new.  However, when you get your hat back make sure to keep up its fine appearance by taking care of it!

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Cowboy Hat Care and Cleaning

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